Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet is essential for the mother as well as for the growth and development of the baby.  It provides all the essential nutrients to sustain the growth and development of the mother and baby.

  • One extra meal a day needs to be taken during pregnancy.
  •  Milk and dairy products like curd, buttermilk, paneer-these are rich in calcium, proteins and vitamins.
  •  Eat fresh/seasonal fruits and vegetables as these provide vitamins and iron.
  • Cereals, whole grains, and pulses are good sources of proteins.
  • Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of iron and folic acid.
  •  A handful (45 grams) of nuts and at least two cups of daal provide daily requirement of proteins in vegetarians.
  • For non-vegetarians, meat, egg, chicken, or fish are good sources of proteins, vitamins, and iron.

A well-balanced diet consisting of a variety of food helps in the growth of the baby and prevents anaemia in the mother.

Important NutrientsRich sources
IronGreen leafy vegetables, whole grains, cereals, dry fruits, nuts, meat, jaggery.
CalciumMilk, milk products, sesame seeds, almonds, soya milk, turnip, egg
VitaminsOrange and dark green vegetables, citrus fruits, apple, tomato, amla, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, sunlight, milk and milk products, soya products.
ProteinsPaneer, milk, and other milk products, combined grains, seeds, nuts, egg, meat, poultry, soya beans.
FatsButter, ghee, oils, nuts
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