Diabetes is a potential epidemic in India currently with more than 62 million individuals diagnosed with diabetes. Several factors affect the prevalence of diabetes and identification of those factors is necessary to facilitate the treatment and its prevention. There is a multitude of reasons for diabetes in India including genetic factors coupled with environmental influences such as obesity-associated with lifestyle, steady urban migration, and other lifestyle changes.

The National Urban Survey conducted across the metropolitan cities of India reported 12.4 percent of people in Bengaluru were afflicted with Diabetes. India stands third highest with 30 million obese individuals. There are several reasons for obesity in India including individual behavior like poor dietary habits, poor physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, and also genetic causes.

Advisory Board

In the MAASTHI Birth Cohort, researchers are guided by experts on how to conduct their research in conjunction with approval from the Ethical committee. The research team benefits greatly from advice from a diverse panel of individuals. The objective of the MAASTHI Birth Cohort Technical Advisory Committee is to serve as an advisory body to the Study regarding the scientific conduct of research. In addition, the study is approved by “Institutional Ethics Committee”


  • Nov 2013- Initiation of a pilot study at Banashankari Referral Hospital, Bengaluru
  • June 2014- Initiation of a pilot study at H Siddaiah Road Referral Hospital, Bengaluru
  • April 2016- Study initiation at Jayanagar General Hospital, Bengaluru
  • December 2017-Study initiation at Srirampur Referral Hospital
  • March 2018- Study initiation at Baglur health center and DJ Halli Maternity Hospital
  • June 2019: Completion of baseline recruitment

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